Process Automation

Worked with client to develop a more efficient onboarding system for their business that includes automation via API integration.

The automation process removed 8 steps from the onboarding process and we were able to replace the need for an employee with our new system.

Skills Used:
  • UX/UI Design
  • Designing Systems
  • Business Operations
  • Process Improvement
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This service-based business did not have a well-documented process for onboarding new clients from their marketing funnels.

After documenting the system, I was able to target several tasks and transition those to automation tasks. These tasks consisted of repetitive work such as:

  • - sending client emails
  • - updating the CRM
  • - notifying the team of new client activity
  • - creating tasks in Asana based on different stages of the onboarding process
  • - setting up client appointments